Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Break...

Casey and I thought the "joy" of Spring Break would be over now since we are done with school...but no! This is the one true beauty of working in the school system...VACATION! Although, my plans for California didn't work out like I had hoped, I am still looking forward to a week of no work and lots of sleeping in! Casey on the other hand has a full 40 hour work week ahead of him...Stinks to be him! :)

Anyway, we are very excited to do some baby shopping this coming week. We would like to try and find the crib, bassinet, stroller, and changing table we would like for our little one. I will post some pictures if we find "the one" we are looking for this week!

First Time...

So, ok I'm totally new at this but, I thought I would give it a shot. Casey and I are so excited on our new addition that is currently growing in my belly. I feel so blessed to be able to carry a human (mine and Casey's little human) in my belly. The thought is very overwhelming! I'm finally starting to feel human again, after 6 weeks of the ever so wonderful pregnancy sickness. The funny thing is, I felt so blessed and thankful every time I threw-up! I guess I'm a little weird.

Casey and I plan to post pictures of my growing tummy as soon as we get some good ones...right now I just look "chunky"!