Tuesday, April 20, 2010

similar ages...

oh, to be 2 again....

Such a fun age right now. Ruby is really getting her own little personality and Casey and I seriously just laugh at her all day long. She is so imaginative, and creative. She has many imaginary friends, and I really never know when they are just going to show up! She loves to talk and explain things as she sees them. She is very outgoing, she must get that from Casey. She loves to play with other kids, and help me with Finn. Her favorite thing to say to Finn is, "Oh, no, no, no, no sweetie..." it cracks me up!

But, let me not forget about the nice tantrums she can throw too. Oh my, door slamming already?!?! YIKES, I know! I think we may be in trouble. Ruby definitely likes things to go her way. Thank goodness we can reason with her now, otherwise I'm not sure I would've survived the last few weeks. I got the book on CD ,"Have a New Kid by Friday" I'll let you know how Leman's strategies work out for us :)

Case and I have been very blessed with 2 amazing kids. Can't wait until they can actually "play" together :)

This is her "mean mouth" face

5 months...

It's hard for me to believe that Finn is already 5 months old! He's changing and learning so fast! Let's see he sleeps great, only wakes up once during the night to eat. He's still super lazy, he'll scoot himslef around on the floor but really doesn't like to roll. No teeth yet, but I can feel them right under the surface. We think he will be getting his fangs first, just like Ruby did. He laughs all the time, squeals too. He's even a snorter, just like his momma. He loves to blow raspberries, which Ruby doesn't like too much (she thinks is gross to spit, good girl!) Oh and he weighs the exact same amount as my 11 month old niece! He really is a solid boy!

look at his ears!!!
silly kids
Ruby loves her brother

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We are finally getting healthy in the VandenBos household. Finn came down with what I thought was just a nasty cold, but after staying up with him for 4 hrs on night 2 of his symptoms, screaming, crying, coughing (a nasty dry cough), and gasping for air we took him in to the doctor. I thought he would just work it out and be fine but nope. Doctor told me he had bronchitis and a touch of croup (which she also said he is a little young to get)... BOOoo...So after a steroid injection, and 5 days on an inhaler he seems to be on the up and up.