Friday, June 29, 2007

26 weeks...

Here's Ruby....p.s. thanks boobs for the pants! :)

Birthday Hike...

Well my birthday was a little while ago, but I'm just now getting to posting it...Sorry! Anyway, here's Casey, Gus and I getting our hike on. Gus and Casey really enjoyed it, as for me it was a real workout. I could feel every extra pound I have put on :( Talk about being winded!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trip to Sunriver

Casey suprised me last weekend with a overnight trip to Sunriver for the night. Caylan told me that I was going with her to Portland for a thing she won and we were going to get pedis and manicures. We were waiting to leave to Portland, when Casey showed up and asked if I was ready to leave. I was shocked, completly suprised. Ruby and I enjoyed our relaxing weekend and were able to get away from the hectic life at home. It was rainy outside and cold, so we were able to take advantage of the cool fireplace in our room.

Ruby's House!!

Here is a picture of my beautiful wife carrying our daughter Ruby. She is growing so fast and I am counting the days until I get to meet her. I just got a knot in my stomach thinking about becoming a Dad. Jess is 25 weeks now and carries her weight very well. Love ya babe;)