Monday, December 29, 2008

happy birthday daddy-o....

49 never looked so good :)  we're definitely throwing you a BIG party next year

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas..

we had a wonderful christmas filled with lots of fun memories.  ruby really enjoyed climbing on her presents and sort of enjoyed opening them.  here are some, actually a lot of pics from our celebrations ....

the vandenbos/wagar clan...casey was so excited to be taking a pic
casey and i got a new lens for our nikon from my parent for christmas.  i played with it a's  one of ruby.  she was a wild child
the girls.  right after this pic nalia pushed ruby off notice her hand placement on ruby's back :)
this was a fun game.  who knew hallways could be so fun, for soooo long
mommy and me on christmas eve
me and my pops on christmas eve...casey had to work so he missed out on the horner family get together :(
i love love love this photo...thanks to my new lens i can capture more moments like this
so sweet.  her hair is getting so long.  we really don't want to cut it but she looks a little crazy sometimes.
wii fun/playing with the new lens again
ruby checking out her tent and tunnel she got for christmas
climbing on her gifts
ruby and her present shot.  we took one last year too i should post a comparison photo.  she has changed her looks so much
this was by far her favorite gift.  santa brought her bubble bath in her stocking, shrek bubble bath.  i had to hide it because she wanted to carry it around with her all day.
opening stockings with daddy
the fam
my sweet sweet little lady, she is so ready for a little bro or sis in 2009 :)

Friday, December 19, 2008


Tonight we embarked on our annual Christmas caroling adventure.  This year we went to an assisted living home for the elderly here in Lebanon and spread some Christmas cheer.  We showered the grandmas and grandpas with nice warm socks and sang some great Christmas songs.  Some of them even sang and danced with us.  I'm a huge fan of traditions and giving back to our community as much as we can.  This was a perfect way...they loved to see Ruby and Ruby was equally as excited to see them and sing to them.

Here are Santa's little helpers stuffing socks in the Christmas bags.  
The elves...
Singing away
Grace handing out our Christmas socks
Group shot...
This guy sure loved to dance...
Faith singing to her mom...
Ross so serious.  If it wasn't for his voice we would've be lost for sure...
Ruby getting some treats...
Dancing and singing...
We had a blast!!!  You should join us next year :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

guess where i get to go....

yup...that's right i get to go to 7 stones (it's no cabo but i ain't complaining)!  i'm stoked.  my lovely dancers got me a gift certificate to go pamper myself over our christmas break...i fully plan on using it very very soon.  any suggestions on what package i should do????


or tan-ta as ruby would say.  

the eager face as she was waiting her turn... and yes she got called a boy, she always does...she's a girl people her name is ruby not rudy

a little santa was seriously like 17 years old and skinny...sad

not happy!  she wanted out of there so bad.  i'm pretty sure casey has pinch marks on his chest from ruby's tight grasp.  she was not liking tan-ta at all.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dance Clinic

Date:  Saturday, December 13th

Location:  Lebanon High School
Time: 9am to 3pm, with a showcase at 3pm
Cost: $10

A fun day for kiddos potty trained to 8th grade!  My team will be teaching age appropriate dances to the little ones.  If you have a kid that fits into that age group,'ll be so fun for them. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

JJ and Kaylee

Casey's best friend JJ got married on Saturday up in Portland. The weekend was super fun, and full of lots of memories. We had a blast. The wedding was at the World Trade Center in downtown Portland. It was absolutely beautiful...a little cold but beautiful! Here's pics...sorry they are all out of order

This wedding was almost a high school reunion. So fun to see everyone

Hot moms...hard to believe they both have grown kiddos.

Childless for the night, well actually the weekend

Look at all the familiar faces. My table at the reception was so fun!

The grooms sis, and a good friend from high school. It was really good to hang with her all weekend...she is so FUN!

The groom and the best good looking :)

The cake was beautiful...very smooth and elegant!

The ceremony..sorry the pic is so blurry I forgot my camera and borrowed my moms, I didn't know how to use it apparently. The ceremony was very romantic and cozy.

Congratulations JJ and Kaylee hope you are having a blast in Mexico!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

GO BEAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!


we had a wonderful thanksgiving.  we split the day between both families.  we ate, chatted, and played lots of wii.  here's a few priceless images :)

i was the boxing came down to me and casey, the only 2 that hadn't lost a match :) i knocked him out in the 2nd round.
boxing in action...i get to into it
look how grown up she is.  last year she could hardly hold her head up!
putting make up on uncle trav
sharing some trail mix.  i think nalia and ruby will be the best of friends when they get older.  they get so excited to see each other it's so cute
horner family rock band...HILARIOUS
amanda, my brother's girlfriend was so good
casey was real good too...his favorite was the bass
band in action