Sunday, February 22, 2009


So we have another dog living with us currently.  To make a long story short our neighbors (expecting a baby within the next month) had a male boxer dropped at their house by another friend who had just had a baby, and couldn't take care of the dog.  Our neighbors didn't have the means or the space to care for the dog, and asked us to take him. Casey being the softy he is couldn't say no to the poor dog, so he is living with us temporarily.  Although I think Ruby has grown quite attached to the furry friend, 3 dogs is a lot.  I must admit for a purebred boxer this little guy is so mellow!!!  Gus is still hyper beyond belief so it really is a nice change.

Dax is his name (not my choice) he's 6 months old and so sweet.  He lets Ruby climb all over him and is somewhat trained...well he can sit, and is house broken.  I have yet to hear him bark or growl, and he and Gus are already best buds.  I'm thinking it will be hard to say goodbye to the little guy.

This is pretty much all Dax does while he is in the house....
Look at the bond 
What a face :)
The 3 amigos 
The first meeting of all the dogs...Moses was a little timid at first

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A dream come true....thanks to my wonderful husband I now have the vacuum of my dreams.  It is absolutely amazing and I couldn't be more excited about it.  I've wanted a Dyson since we moved to Lebanon almost 3 years ago, and thanks to my husband I am now a proud owner of a Dyson DC25 slim!!!

Last weekend our little family got invited to Sunriver for the night by Casey's good friend .  For those of you that know Casey's work schedule knows that he never has weekends off, and he has to request time off months in advance.  So we pretty much figured we would have to pass this invitation up, but....Casey's work came through and gave him the days we packed up quickly and headed over the pass.  It was a much needed get-away for the VandenBos Family.  Although we missed Princess Addie's 2nd Birthday party (which Ruby would have loved, she is still wearing the crown and carrying the princess wond around every day...thanks Addie), our little family really never gets to get out of town too often thanks to crazy work/dance schedules so it really was needed.   Anyway here are a few photos... the house was gorgeous and the weather was camera died, and I forgot the charger so I only got a few photos :( 

Casey with Pat and Amy's dog Cooper
This is how Ruby spent most of her time...wrestling with Pat and Amy's other dog Casey
The view
I also forgot my other lens so I could get the whole house in the picture.  It was so nice.  Thanks Amy and Pat for a lovely weekend we had so much fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ruby woke up from her nap at her usual time,  I asked her like I normally do if she had to go potty, and her response was "Yea!" we went, and sure enough she went....POOP even.  Oh happy day!!  I'm hoping this may be a breakthrough.  She was so proud of herself.  She loved looking at it.  She kept opening the potty lid and plugging her nose, saying "phewwww".