Monday, October 27, 2008

Gorgeous Weather....

Wow what beautiful weather we have been blessed with.  Sunday we got together with some friends to play some football...well Casey played football and I watched Ruby and Quentin run around in the leaves.  Here's a few pics

Go Casey go...
Game face
Collecting leaves and checking the bugs out
Hugs...Quentin wasn't too sure about Ruby's overly affectionate ways but she didn't seem to care
So cute
My little bean is growing up so fast

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

detox update...

its not happening... after some thought and good convo with the peps who know me best i realize that a mild diet change should do the job.  see i'm one of those unlucky individuals that get horrible migraines very often (like once to twice a month, and when i say migraine i mean vomiting, crawling across the floor because i can't stand up sick...i don't use that word lightly).  anyway my neurologist has told me many times that any noticeable change in my routine, or "life" basically, can trigger a migraine (stress, sleep, diet, exercises etc...).  so not eating and cutting out caffeine is just not a smart decision for me.  also not eating = less energy and i'm a mom by day and an dance coach to 16 teenagers by night....i need energy.  instead i'm going to limit my sugar intake....that means no more mochas :(  it will be challenging but i'm sure i can do it.  i plan on eating more raw foods and less carbs.  lets face it i eat a ton of carbohydrates.  also i'm going to eat more often, i'm definitely guilty of eating not enough which we all know results in unwanted weight gain, and a jacked up metabolism.  so i'm telling you all this so i feel like i have some sort of accountability.  thanks for your help and advice :) peace

funny girls...

Life has been full of lots of play dates lately.  Ruby absolutely loves to play with other babes and I love to watch.  She is such a ham, I'm not sure who she got it from but boy does this girl love to be the center of attention.  She is so silly.  There's nothing better in life than watching your child play and laugh with other children. 

On anther note Ruby is seriously picking up words and actions left and right.  It surprises me everyday at how quickly she learns things.  Her vocabulary is growing by the day.  She really focuses and tries to say almost any word I say to her....better watch my mouth :) 

Friday, October 17, 2008

To detox, or not to detox...

that's my question.  I'm struggling with the decision.  I've been researching it a lot and it seems like for every positive aspect there is a couple  negatives too.  Anyway I'm looking into the master cleanse...anyone have any suggestions for me?   I'm not someone that can fast very long...I get pretty sick to my stomach when I don't eat pretty easy :(.   I haven't tried to detox in a little over 3 years but here are my reasons why I think I need to...

I'm super tired all the time, even when I sleep 8 hours 

I've ate more fast food since the birth of Ruby than I have in my entire life...not joking 

I absolutely have to have my coffee every morning or I am completely useless

I've been taking my migraine medication at least once a week since I quit nursing

I wanna jump start a "new" healthier lifestyle/eating habits but I'm one of those people that need motivation (hence the detox cleaning me out...literally :) I wont wanna put yucky stuff back into my system after I worked so hard to get it out) 

I've started to prepare myself for a detox (weaning myself off caffeine)...I would ideally like to start my detox November 1st if I do it.  Anyway if any of you have something that would help me to make my decision/experience easier I would appreciate it mucho!  Thanks

Monday, October 13, 2008


This is our first family tradition that we have gotten to enjoy twice now with Ruby.  It blew my mind as we walked around the pumpkin patch and Ruby was cruising around all by herself, exploring, feeling, looking, and sometimes even tasting (eww) the environment.  Last year when we took her here she didn't even open her eyes.  It really made me realize just how fast they grow and change.     

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Elizabeth?!?!?!  I found your blog thanks to Amber's :)  I'm so excited to keep up with your life.  I can't leave comments though, so I will just post on my blog what I wanted to say on yours ...haha.  Your sweet little boy is precious.  I really would love to meet him someday soon :)  Call me I will drive and meet you!!!  

PS  You looked HOT during labor.  You go girl! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here are some videos of Ruby's using some of her birthday gifts.  If you listen really closely you can hear her version of "please" and "thank you".  She is such a sponge lately, picking up so many words and actions.  It's so fun to watch her learn new things.  I just love her :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ruby's Parties...

Ruby's birthday fell on a Wednesday so we took her to Papa's Pizza to play, along with both sides of the family.  She loved the play area, especially the slides!  Here is some photos..

As Ruby calls them Bow-ls
Happy slide face
Watch me Daddy!!
Cousin slide turn...Nalia is such a great big cousin
First cake...She loved the frosting and hated the cake
We celebrated with friends and family on Sunday.  Ruby was the best little birthday girl ever.  She loved playing with her little buddies.  Thank you to everyone that came and made Ruby's first birthday so special.  She was talking about it all night long :)

The cake made with "A LOT" of love.  Thank you Amanda and Justin
Her birthday appropriate outfit
Ezriah helping Ruby open her gifts.  I so have the "Horner" tongue going ahhhh embarrassing
She needed a break from all her gifts

I can't believe she's 1!  It really did fly by.  She has changed Casey and I's life so much and I love every single part of it.  Being a mom is really an amazing experience.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ruby Leigh is 1!!!!!

Look at how much she has changed in just one year!  It blows me away...

It was a year ago today that our little one decided to FINALLY grace the world with her presence.  Although labor was long and not the most joyous thing it was definitely worth it.  We love you little toot hope you've enjoyed your first year as much as we have.

Mommy and Daddy