Sunday, August 24, 2008


Mike is progressively improving.  He's taking baby steps towards his "recovery".  Our family and Mike's doctors are super encouraged with his progress.  My parents have decided to head home today.  It is hard for them to leave Mike and the family, but they are confident that Mike will continue to improve and that they will see him real soon outside of the hospital.  We thank you all for your prayers and ask that you continue to lift up Mike and his family.

Happy Birthday Caylan....sorry I'm a few day s late.  Anyway we went to the Enchanted Forrest today to celebrate her and Nalia's birthday.  It was a nice little work out for Abby and I... hiking up all those hills with a baby strapped on us.  I guess the forrest really isn't a baby friendly place...who knew?!  Nalia was such a big girl today!  She rode on bumper boats and a really scary roller coaster.  She is getting so old!!!  Here's a few photos.

Before the forrest...
After the trip...
Wow the water show...Roo was impressed
The birthday girls and Travis
This was us all day long...literally attached at the hip!
Abe is that you?
Ezriah and Abby taking a little break from all the HILLS

Thursday, August 21, 2008

God is good...

Just a quick update....Mike is and has been "stable", still in critical condition but stable for some time now.  The doctors have lowered him to 70% oxygen assistance, and are starting the ween him off his paralyzing medications so he can hopefully began breathing more and more on his own.  His blood pressure has raised which is so good!  He's flickering his eyes open, which is great since he has been completely unaware and unresponsive since he was admitted.  The doctors and my family are super encouraged by his progress.  We know this is just part of the battle, but he has a lot of prayer warriors out there so we are believing in the impossible!  Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words.  It does my heart good to know that my family is being covered in a huge blanket of prayer during this very emotional time.      

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prayers needed...

Some of you may know my cousin Mike...or "Crain" as my family calls him.  Anyway he is an amazing man with one of the kindest most beautiful hearts ever.  He is "that guy", you know the one that holds the family together. The one that everyone leans on, and calls on when they need support.  Well this time he needs the help.  Mike was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer about 1 month ago.  He faced it with no fear.  He was ready to fight for his life, and we all knew he could do it.  Well within the last week Mike has had huge set backs.  He is currently in the hospital on a ventilator.  He has pneumonia in his functioning lung and his other lung is completely filled with cancer and not functioning as well.  His condition is progressively getting worse, but my family knows that God is more powerful than cancer.  Please pray with my family that God would have his hand over Mike and comfort him during this time.  I know that prayer is powerful and I believe God can make miracles happen...thank you for believing and praying too.     

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nalia Rain is 2...

A good time to be had by all!  Our little Nalia is no longer a baby...she's officially a toddler now!  Her party was absolutely perfect.  Caylan and Travis worked so hard to transform their backyard into a child friendly chic playground.  It was gorgeous.  Ruby loved the lights and the pool the most.  Here's some pictures we were able to take before our camera died...sad :(

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday....

Happy birthday little Nalia!  2 is such a fun age :)  We hope you enjoy your special day we'll see you tonight at your big party...we can't wait!

PS Ruby loves birthday's she thinks she has already had one...or maybe she's just really ready for her big day already :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


What else should I do when I'm super bored....Take pictures of my wonderful daughter.  I would love to get good at this some day, and I guess the best way to get better is to keep trying.  I found that I really like to edit the photos almost as much as I like to take them!  


I completely forgot how little Ruby use to be.  It's so sad how fast they grow.  Thank goodness for pictures!!

PS...I watched Nalia for a little bit yesterday and it really mad me excited for Ruby to have a little sibling.  She loved playing with her big cousin so much, and they played together so nicely.  I think Ruby is at the age now where she really does like to interact with other children.  It does a mommy's heart good to watch her play and laugh all on her own!   

Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm feeling real, real old.  So dance official started up and I'm loving it.  Lets face it dance is really a passion of mine and the best workout ever!!!  Not being preggers really allows me to keep up with my girls so much more this season...maybe too much though.  Two nights ago I went full out for a little over 2 hours...bad idea.  See last season I was either pregnant or recovering from surgery so my extent of "full outness" was very limited, but know that I'm feeling great I'm taking every chance I can to get my body back in shape.  Let's face it Ruby took a toll on me and it's taking a long time to regain my endurance and muscles back...Anyway I worked with them on a new hip hop routine (which is killer in my opinion) and boy am I feeling it!  All my joints are so incredibly sore and stiff.  The reality of getting old is really not fun.  I used to be able to dance for hours even without stretching.  I couldn't even think about it doing that now.  Stretching is a must!!!

PS...Amber if you read this Austin is so precious.  I can't comment on your blog but i would love to!  I'm glad you mad one now I can keep up with your growing family :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 months...

Ruby is 10 months old now.  Can you believe it?!  She is so grown up and huge.  I miss my little cuddly babe!  At her check-up she weight 17 lbs and was a little over 28 inches!  I can't believe how fast they grow in their first year of crazy!!!  

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenna...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday friend!  

You're so nice....and motherly :)
So photogenic Jenna! just steal this pic of my blog.  I'll never remember to bring it to you.  I'm too forgetful.
Thanks for always having my back sista
Your "cry face" is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Your handsome hubby!
Gorgeous hair...just gorgeous!
Wow you're such a stunner!  Definitely a show stopper
Silly Jenna...

Thanks for being such an amazing friend for so many years.  Enjoy your special day :)  You deserve it!

PS...I wish I had a scanner...I have some amazing pics from when we were babies.  Too funny!!!