Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finn and stuff...

First I must say I really stink at keeping this blog up, but I really want to get better....I do not scrapbook so this is my only way of remembering cool events....

Ok, so Finn turned 1 on the was a busy weekend with a dance competition on the same day, Beaver game and Casey's mom and sister and family were/are in Haiti so we had decided we would wait and celebrate on Thanksgiving, and again when the family returns from Haiti.

Finn's 12 month stats:
Weight: 25lbs
Height: 31 inches
Favorite things: eating, cuddling, head butting, climbing, dancing and playing with his sissy

Finn is our cuddle boy. He loves hugs and kisses! He gets really excited over the smallest things and laughs all the time. He really is a joy to be around but he definitely is a mommy's boy :) I don't mind one bit! He has been walking for awhile now, but he still crawls too.

Here is our BIG BOY.......
Here's a pic from when he was a few days did he grow so fast?



-getting ready to start his last stretch of student teaching in Jan.
-is home all the time and I love it!
-just finished p90x (only missed 1 day!)good job babe

-crazy as ever
-loves to come to dance with me and boss the girls around
-loves to boss everyone around
-obsessed with swimsuits and leotards...its all she wears

-dance is in full swing (girls just placed 1st in their hip hop and modern piece....yay)
-subbing at the HS....undecided on my feelings towards it.
-really want to open a dance studio