Monday, July 27, 2009


So for the past 2 weeks we have had lots of family visiting.  First my aunt from Texas, then my cousins from California.  We jammed lots of fun family outings the zoo, the coast, hiking, lots of BBQing, card games, swimming, and lots and lots of eating 

I'm bad at taking pictures but here are some from the aquarium.  Ruby loved looking at all the fish

In the tunnel with cool
Trying to touch
not too sure about the shark touching but she tried
I honestly thought she was going to jump in the water she wanted to so bad

Although we were sad to see our company leave, we have so many great memories from their trip.  We just loved every second of their trip.

Silver Creek Falls...

Unfortunately Casey had to work on the day we went hiking but Ruby and I still enjoyed herself.  Thankfully my dad packed Ruby around, the hike was way longer than I remembered it being.

Ruby fell asleep mid-hike.
Family shot in front of the fall...notice the huge Finn bump :)
Poor Austin broke his ankle 5 days before they came up to visit.  He insisted on doing the entire hike.  One tough kiddo

Cali cousins....L to R: Justin, Austin, Angel, Krysta, Sharon, and Jeremy
Ruby checking out the beautiful landscape :)

Water park...

I'm pretty sure Ruby went down the slide least 12 times.  She loved it.  I think Casey enjoyed it just as much.
Look at those smiles.  It does a mommy's heart good.  I loved to watch Ruby and Casey play.  Casey is such an amazing daddy.  He has the energy to keep up with our crazy little lady :)

Casey had a mini vacay so we attempted to fill it with lots of fun family things.  The water park was sooo much fun.  Ruby just loves exploring and watching other kids.

Jana & Paul's Wedding...

It's been awhile, and life has been soooo crazy. fun. busy.

Jana and Paul's wedding was....busy.  Ruby kept us on out toes all evening.  She is definitely not shy and not afraid to explore.  Casey and I were so busy we really didn't get to chat with too many people, and there was a ton of old high school friends there.

Casey's graduating class + Ruby
Papa (my dad's dad) and Amanda cutting a rug :)
Me and my daddy
Ruby was the first one on the dance floor.  She loves to be the center of attention.  We decided it was time to go when she started stripping down.  She really prefers to be silly!
Enjoying cake....I can't believe she sat long enough to capture a picture with mommy.  It must have been the cake :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Potty training and stuff...

My mom caught these 2 images today while Ruby and I were swinging...I love them. It's not too often I get in pictures.  I'm usually the one taking the pictures so I love it when I get good ones with her...and him :)

Ruby loves to kiss my belly and say "love you, Finn" 
talking about life, and stuff...

Ruby showing off her pretty panties... Potty training is a hit and a miss... literally.  She one day went 4 times no problem, then the next day we had 2 accidents.  We really don't want to force her, in fear that she will refuse it all together.  Any good advice out there?  We are open to any helpful hints/tricks :)
Today we went and let Ruby pick her own panties out...she picked the boy brief "Cars" ones that glow in the dark!  I tried to get her to get the girly ones. 
Admiring Papa J's beautiful pond...
She was watching the birds...her expressions are priceless