Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I followed Jenna's lead and added links to all (I think, I may have missed some) blogs we enjoy keeping up on.  Thanks for letting us read all about your beautiful lives!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More pics from house project!!


We got to pour our concrete!!!  Yesterday was the big day and we are so happy with the results.  Thank you to everyone that helped and took time off work to come and slave over our back patio.  We truly appreciate you and your hard work!!!

Here is a bad picture of the patio and sidewalk...I didn't get too many end result pics.  More to come

All the hard workers taking a break..
Of course Ruby had to put her hand in it...
Hard at work
So much concrete
Notice the grass growing in the formed areas....that is how LONG we have been waiting to pour.  We are so glad to finally have it done.  Next...Yard, and patio door :)
Thanks again to everyone that helped!!!!!!


So Ruby and I went to the zoo one lovely Sunday (2 weeks ago) with my brother, his girlfriend Amanda, and my mom.  The weather was beautiful and the zoo was crazy packed.  Here's a couple of pictures of our day...

I was so paranoid of the crowd that I gave Ruby a "job" of pushing the wagon so I knew where she was at all times.  She's so independent and insisted on walking the entire time and of course holding hands was out of the question.

Not sure what we are looking at but I just loved how excited she got when she saw the animals
The ducks were a favorite for sure... (Uncle Justin explain something to her)
She loved that she could get so close to the fish....she thought she was such a big girl with all the older kids around.
Here's a random shot from the park...aren't they the best looking dogs ever :)
Wow she was so excited...her faces that she makes are so funny

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We'll have a LOT to be thankful for...

(Here ya go Jenna)....

Come November 21st there should be a new addition to our little family!!  That's right we are PREGNANT, and could not be more excited!  We found out about a month ago, and just had our first ultrasound on Thursday (it's really nice to work at a pregnancy center, and use their services too).  I'm 8 weeks along and the baby had a strong little heart beat of 152 bpm.  Ruby will make a lovely big sister....we just can't wait to see if he's a he, or she's a she!?  Either way we are so thankful :) 

Lil' Pork at about 7 weeks 5's a pic of a pic I took with my iPhone not the best sorry :) That little cloud is the babe I promise
Ruby got to tell Nana and Papa on Nana's birthday...she was pretty proud!
sorry for the lack of blogs lately life has been crazy... I have zoo pics I'll try to post soon :)