Tuesday, September 30, 2008

G diapers....

Does anyone use, or know anyone that uses or has used g diapers?  I would love to hear some testimonies if anyone has any.  We are looking at switching Ruby to them but would love to know what others think about them before we do.  Thanks


My good friend and co-coach Alex is going back to work, and I get the pleasure of watching her little pumpkin a couple days a week.  Kendra is 2 months older than Ruby and so much fun to be around.  One of the easiest kiddos I've ever met.  Ruby and Kendra love to play and get along really well.  Look at those cheeks so so kissable!!!!  

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good vs. Great...

Dance team fall conference happened, and it was great.  Two super eventful days full of nothing but dance chat....what could be more fun?!  Although most of the classes I took were a little on the boring side there were some really insightful ones too (i.e. dancers exercise needs, formations & maneuvering, and good vs great technique).  The keynote speaker was so inspiring...like the kind of inspiring were I felt like I could do anything when I walked out of the conference hall.  Anyway it was a long weekend for me but I feel like I have grown as a coach and I really want to continue to challenge myself to improve upon my skills.

PS...Jenna come to practice some time and critique.  I know you would love it!!!

On another note Travis painted our kitchen counters, and will be painting our cabinets soon.  I absolutely love change and I love the counters!!!  Travis did an amazing job.  Thanks dude.  I'll post before and after pics soon.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oopps wrong video..

This is the funny one!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spring cleaning in September?....I went through all my clothes and got rid of the majority of them (seriously 5 garbage bags of clothes and shoes).  I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but since having Ruby nothing really fits the same....so every morning I stare at these cute tops and think "hmmmm maybe that will fit right again?"....then I put it on and realize it looks horrible.  So you know what they say if "something you own would looks better on a friend, give it to them!"  That is exactly what I did.  I called up Caylan and Abby and they went "shopping"...it was fun for them and slightly depressing for me.  But hey that just means I need to "replenish the supply" and go shopping!!!  So we are all winners :)    
Daddy was really funny during bath time tonight.  We're just not really sure why he was so funny.  I just love to hear her laugh.  I think I could listen to it all day long!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom...

Ok so my mom is one of those no fuss no attention type of people.  So no fuss that in fact she has NEVER...EVER had a birthday party!  So my dad had a brilliant idea to throw her a SUPER SURPRISE PARTY!  It was great... My brother, Justin and his lovely girlfriend Amanda prepared all the food, my mom's good friend and my 2nd mom Linda (funny I know) organized the drinks and cakes, and I got to decorate!  I loved it.  I thought long and hard about what color/theme to go with when I thought..."hmmm mom's never had a party before so she definitely needs a pretty pink princess party!"  Every girl must have a pretty pink party, right?  Anyway it went off without a hitch, and she was shocked!  We had a blast here are a few pics...

The set up
The entry of the birthday girl...I was recording her reaction (it's priceless)
Totally posed pic...me in the kitchen hahahaha.  I do not cook, well I can't really
Look at my cheap dollar store sign....it was totally back words.  Go figure!?  Good thing it was only a buck!
Cheese...Ruby loved the surprise
Justin hard at work grilling sweet potato fries....really yummy
It ain't a party without some wii games
injured Paul enjoying the hammock
Mark and Papa sitting by the fire
The gang 
And who can forget the cakes....the angel food cake was sooooo good!

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's New...

We've been bad bloggers lately, sorry.  I guess we've been busy but not really. Here's what's new....

1.  Dance is in full swing...my team practices 2 hours a night.  The boring part is that I have to be at the gym 30 minutes earlier than my team, and I usually get out about 20 minutes after practice ends.  Seriously I will never be one of those parents that are always running late!!

2.  I started running again.  I haven't had the motivation to run in a long time, but I do know :) I think it's because I feel really out of shape when I'm at dance with my girls.  I used to be able to dance for hours...now I have to take a water break after every 8 count :)  I seriously need some endurance.

3.  I've been reading a lot more lately....which is very weird for me.  So if you know any good books let me know.  I kind of wanna start a book club?!?!  Is that too mommyish?!?!?

4.  There is lots of very exciting things going on in our family, and I absolutely love living so close to most of them!  It's so fun to be apart of their lives, and it's great that Ruby gets to be so close to them too!!

5.  Ruby has been picking up more and more words lately.  Her vocabulary includes; Mama, Dada, more, de (dog), baby, du (done), eh-ia (nalia), Nana, ba ba (bottle)...I'll get some video of it soon...I know only the grandparents, uncles and aunts will really care so bare with us please.

6.  We have the itch to move.  Our house is TINY, but I've grown really fond of it.  It's our very first house and we've done so much to it.  But lets face it we don't care too much for the neighborhood, and if you do have another babe it'll be way too crowded up in here. 

7.  Ruby turns 1 really soon.  I'm really excited about her party.  If your free Oct. 5th come celebrate with some yummy cake!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


this is such a fun age...they figure so much out so quickly!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

11 months

Ruby Leigh is 11 months...can you believe it?

Here's some new things you might not know about her...

1.  She is "walking"...kinda.  She has taken a total of 4 consecutive steps. It started with 1 step last week and she just keeps getting more and more brave. But she only walks when she feels like it!!

2.  She likes to say "more", "mama", "dada", "ball"...oh and who can forget the ever pleasant uh...uh

3.  She likes to play catch and sing, well do the hand gestures to the itsy bisty spider

4.  She likes to hit her head on soft objects (i.e. the couch)

5.  She no longer likes her bottle...not good!

6.  Water is still her most favorite thing ever.  Bath time is a treat to her.

7.  Moses is her best friend.  She loves to feed him

8.  Bread is her favorite thing to eat

9.  She likes to try to stand on her head.  It's pretty funny

10.  She is pretty much the cutest copycat ever!

My Parent Ruby and I took a trip down to California to celebrate a wonderful mans life.  My cousin Mike past a week ago today, and although my family was devastated by the loss we knew Mike lived a "lovers life" and we honored that in every way.  We spent the entire weekend catching up and loving on one another.  It was a wonderful funeral.  It truly depicted Mike's life a purpose so perfectly.  It says a lot about an individual when there wasn't enough room in the sanctuary, nor in the foyer for those coming to honor you.  He has definitely impacted many lives. 

 Here's some pics of the weekend full of good memories...

The whole Crain, Cogburn and Horner family...minus a few