Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nalia Rain....

Sweet little Nalia is not so little anymore, she turned 3!!! I can't even believe it. We had fun celebrating with her at the train park (no pictures...my camera was dead and I didn't know :( ), and at Nana's house. Thanks for hosting us, Ruby loved it!!

Here's some pictures we took....it's hard to get 4 very busy young ladies to sit still and smile :)
Love their little fairy wings....
A little "Ring Around the Rosie"...
So serious Ruby...
Bella is such a happy little girl, so fun to be around
I love this one....Bella's eyes look soooo blue!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here is a brief look into my (Jessica's) thoughts as of late....

1. I'm ONLY 25 weeks pregnant! I'm so ready for Finn to be here, and I have a long, long, long time to wait.

2. Mark my words....unless someone like Brad Paisley comes to the Jamboree next year I am NOT going. I can't stand the heat, I think I should move north, like way north....Alaska?!?!

3. Ruby's schedule is way off, which makes for one tired little lady. She's been waking up at least 2 times a night. Ugh, why?? Maybe she's growing....maybe she senses a baby coming....who knows, but I would love for her to go back to her old schedule :)

4. Ruby is 80% potty trained....only wears diapers to bed and sometimes when I'm too chicken to venture out with just panties. It's nice not having to change diapers all day long! She's really good at going #2 in potty chair, I haven't changed a #2 diaper in weeks :)

5. Some people..... a women whom I see very frequently (she works at bucks, so at least weekly) told me and I quote...."let me guess, you're due next week"........WHAT!! are you serious? I was speechless....I really hope I don't look that pregnant already I've got 3 more months people! She tried to cover up her bad comment by telling me that I carry really low, and it looks like I've dropped....hahahahaha

6. I hate painting! Thank goodness for my brother in-law. We've wanted to paint our house (outside) for awhile now and thanks to Trav it's done! And the best part is it cost us ...... $0 :) free paint and free labor yahoooo. Thanks again Travis, Tony and Eddie. We appreciate all your free labor :)

7. I'm pretty excited to get our backyard project started. It'll be nice to have a yard again.

8. Dance officially starts Monday! I'm really excited to start working with my new team. Although I'm having morning practices so we will see how much I like those :(

9. Did I mention I wish it was November :)

Peace :)