Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, spent with both sides of the family. Feel very blessed to have so much family close by that we get to celebrate with.

Pretty thankful for these adorable kids....

Finn turned 2!

Finn is quite the little man. He weighs 31 lbs (same as Ruby), we've started potty training but it's a hit and miss so we will just keep working. His vocabulary has tripled in the last week. Love having talking kids!! He knows his colors and loves trains, guys (wrestling men), and books. Mommy and Daddy love you little buddy! Thank you for blessing our lives so very much! xoxoxox

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's been far too long....Here is a quick recap

Casey started his first year teaching a Seven Oak Middle School. He is teaching 8th grade wellness (health and PE) and loving it. We are enjoying having him home in the evenings and on weekends. He is also coaching basketball this year. New adventures all around...I'm very proud of him.

Miss Ruby started preschool and Punkin Seed. I was so nervous/anxious/sad but Miss Linda and Miss Lori have made the experience nothing but perfection. Ruby loves every second of it and I'm loving the experience as well!

My big girl all ready for her 1st day...
Ruby got to celebrate her 4th Birthday a few times... first at school...

Showing her card the she got from Miss Linda and Miss Lori..

Daddy even got to come
Helping set up her snack time

Then we celebrated at home with friends...unfortunately it rained so we got close and cozy inside :0

Showing off her pony

One of my favorite traditions is to take the kids to the pumpkin patch....I love watching them walk around and get muddy :)

I love this little boy more than words can express
My favorite loves!!!

Ruby got to dress up and practicing saying "thank you" at school....It was so fun to watch all the kids in their costumes. I enjoy being mommy its totally different than I ever thought but so much better.

Fawn... Thanks Mimi for making her costume perfect!

A little recap on our family.....we are enjoying the transition into a different season and feeling so blessed for all the new adventures!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Still here....

Casey will be graduating in 3 short weeks! We are excited for the new adventure we are about to embark.....check back to see what path God is laying before us!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It went by way too fast. We enjoyed spending time with our loved ones and the kids had a blast...well Ruby did. Finn was a hit and miss, he really needs his sleep.

This was Finn's thoughts on opening presents...
This was Ruby's.....

It was a great Christmas and we feel blessed to be able to spend so much time with all of our loved ones! Bring on the New YEAR!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finn and stuff...

First I must say I really stink at keeping this blog up, but I really want to get better....I do not scrapbook so this is my only way of remembering cool events....

Ok, so Finn turned 1 on the 2oth....it was a busy weekend with a dance competition on the same day, Beaver game and Casey's mom and sister and family were/are in Haiti so we had decided we would wait and celebrate on Thanksgiving, and again when the family returns from Haiti.

Finn's 12 month stats:
Weight: 25lbs
Height: 31 inches
Favorite things: eating, cuddling, head butting, climbing, dancing and playing with his sissy

Finn is our cuddle boy. He loves hugs and kisses! He gets really excited over the smallest things and laughs all the time. He really is a joy to be around but he definitely is a mommy's boy :) I don't mind one bit! He has been walking for awhile now, but he still crawls too.

Here is our BIG BOY.......
Here's a pic from when he was a few days old...how did he grow so fast?



-getting ready to start his last stretch of student teaching in Jan.
-is home all the time and I love it!
-just finished p90x (only missed 1 day!)good job babe

-crazy as ever
-loves to come to dance with me and boss the girls around
-loves to boss everyone around
-obsessed with swimsuits and leotards...its all she wears

-dance is in full swing (girls just placed 1st in their hip hop and modern piece....yay)
-subbing at the HS....undecided on my feelings towards it.
-really want to open a dance studio

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ruby turns 3....

Wow I'm behind....Ruby turned 3, October 1st and we celebrated. She had a blast. A few outfit changes, lots of friends, and yummy food, oh and no rain!! It was a success. I just can't believe she's 3!
Decorated their picture frames...
Super Girl to the rescue.....
Getting her 1st pair of heels...she is such a girly-girl
That's one BIG package...
You can see the excitement :)...

Happy Birthday my sweet jewel you are growing too fast. Love you xoxoxox

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pure Neglect...

Wow it's been a LLOONNNGGG time. I guess we've been busy, but not really. It may or may not be because of the excessive time spent on facebook...ooops :) Well anyways we have been going through some pretty exciting changes...

- Quit his job to finish his masters
-Started student teaching at a local k-8th grade school, he's really enjoying the little ones
-p90xing it, i wont post photos but dang he looks good (he will kill me when he reads this, i'm just a proud supportive wife)
-Enjoying all his free time now that he isn't a slave to at&t

-so so so independent
-really enjoying learning to read and spell
-loving being a big sister
-turning 3 in a few weeks and has requested a batman party, sure why not

-LOVES food, seriously its crazy
-crawls like crazy
-stands, and walks behind things
-he is my lover
-can say; mama, dadda, boo, and hi
-very shy

-Dance...dance...and more dance
-loving all the new family time we have since Casey has quit

Love this photo...
my sweet sweet boy!