Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pure Neglect...

Wow it's been a LLOONNNGGG time. I guess we've been busy, but not really. It may or may not be because of the excessive time spent on facebook...ooops :) Well anyways we have been going through some pretty exciting changes...

- Quit his job to finish his masters
-Started student teaching at a local k-8th grade school, he's really enjoying the little ones
-p90xing it, i wont post photos but dang he looks good (he will kill me when he reads this, i'm just a proud supportive wife)
-Enjoying all his free time now that he isn't a slave to at&t

-so so so independent
-really enjoying learning to read and spell
-loving being a big sister
-turning 3 in a few weeks and has requested a batman party, sure why not

-LOVES food, seriously its crazy
-crawls like crazy
-stands, and walks behind things
-he is my lover
-can say; mama, dadda, boo, and hi
-very shy

me: more dance
-loving all the new family time we have since Casey has quit

Love this photo...
my sweet sweet boy!


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