Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's the little things...

 Yeh!  We got a new carrier for boo.  The beco's great!!!!  Super comfy and Ruby can be on our back or front.  So so nice.  I can't wait to use it this weekend at the Jamboree...yep we're getting our country on this weekend.  We need to expose our little one to the way of life around here.  It'll be super fun!  See ya there?!?!?...

My wonderful husband bought me/us office mac!!  I was so excited.  It was the best surprise.  We have had our mac for 6 months and we haven't had any word processing programs.  Talk about annoying, especially with all the dance team stuff that I have to do constantly.   Thanks Case for fulfilling my wildest're the best!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ruby's really growing into her own little personality.  She's such a joy to be around.  Here's a few videos of her in her element!!


Monday, July 28, 2008


Ruby made the big jump from puree baby foods to "real people food"...and she loved it!  Ruby hated most baby food, plus she loves to feed herself.  So independent already :)  Here's a few pictures of the glorious event!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ruby got to hang with Miss Emma Grace today.  Emma's lovely aunt took us over for a very fun play date.  Emma was a great hostess and really made Ruby feel very welcome.  Here's some pictures...

Ruby's cheese face
Look at those killer buns...they must work out!
I love the cutoffs Emma
Just hanging out
Look at Emma's baby blues
Just a nice little hug
Feeling the hair
Piggy back ride?!?!
Sharing so nicely.

Thanks for all the fun nice memories!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding weekend...

Wedding #1

My good lifelong friend Lisa married her handsome hubby Jay on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous wedding at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove.  Lisa looked stunning in her dress, and Jay looked great too!  It was a great weekend of celebration.  The rehearsal was super fun but I didn't get any pics :(  Here are some pics from the day... (I didn't take as many as I planned on dang it)

Lindsey our fabulous hairstylist for the day!  This is Jay's sister Ginny
Lisa's long luscious hair (ps she has extensions in...can't tell huh?)
Our wonderful make-up artist Shawn.  He pumped out 10 gorgeous faces in 7 hours!
Lisa helping her good friend Emily out
Lisa getting her hair done..catching up on her gossip!
Down the isle we was real hot!!!
Beautiful Lisa 
Putting the vail on
Last minute touch ups
All the girls
Emily...can you believe she has her hair and make-up done.  She looked hot...definitely a "show stopper"!
The fam shot.  Ruby had a cute little bridesmaid dress and flower too....thanks mom for making her dress
Maid of honor and best man
The groom and his mommy
Lisa and her daddy
Daddy daughter dance...I cried!
Cutting the yummy cake
Funny face
Daddy and Ruby 
My side of the family...maybe my brother and Amanda will be next to marry :)

Wedding #2
Casey's good friend got married on Sunday in Lebanon.  It was a lovely backyard wedding.

Pat and Casey 

Abe and Gabe
Ruby getting a little hungry
We can't resist taking lots of photos of boo ...sorry
Sitting by the pool before ceremony began.  
Gabe the chief
The big boys.  Casey loved having them all home this weekend.  He hardly ever gets to see them all together.  
Pat and Amy...Happy Anniversary to them...One year, way to go!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Uncle Justin...

Although Justin doesn't get to see Ruby as much as we all would like, he does know how to have fun with her.

She was copying his every move and sound. I think he was passionately telling her something very insightful....that's what my brother does
Checking our her chubby toes!

The 4th..

What a busy day.  I'm exhausted from all the running around we(mainly Ruby and I.  Casey had to work until 5) did yesterday.  All in all it was a pretty fun day.  Ruby got to experience her first firework and I got to eat some amazing food, and spend time with some very important people.  Here's some pics...

This is JJ and his soon to be wife cute
Ruby;s first sparkler.  I don't think she appreciated it as much as Lori did.
Lebanon's own firework show.  Ruby slept thru most of it.
Casey captured some of the show.  It was pretty good, but nothing compares to Disneyland!
The most amazing food ever.  My brother and his girlfriend Amanda cooked...YUM
The chiefs at work.
Ruby at Nana's and Papa T's...we didn't take too many photos here.  I think it was because Nalia was gone :(
Ruby's expression during the firework show.
Her very first firework ever...she really wasn't as excited as I thought she would have been.
This one was a loud one :(
Papa J and Ruby by the pond
Swimming with her 100 balls.
Eating her fish.