Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Casey and I took Ruby, and met some friends at the park this, right?  Well kinda.  I decided to take Ruby down the BIG slide.  Please note, slick work out pants, ugg boots, metal slide and loose gravel are a bad combination for this mama.  As we approached the end of the very steep slide I noticed the speed at which Ruby and I were traveling was a little fast, and as I literally flew off the bottom of the slide I could not seem to get my feet to move quick enough to catch myself.  So if you can imagine I'm stumbling trying to stop myself (and not drop Ruby), gravel is flying, lots of high pitch squeals, Ruby still in my arms (not sure how),  and all I could do is fall to my knees so I wouldn't land on my little babe!...all Casey could do was laugh and reach a helping arm out that really looked more like a stiff arm.  I think he thought I was gonna take him out too.  Please remember I was at a public park with many embarrassing!!!!  (it might be one of those "gotta be there" moments to think its funny, but sharing the story makes me feel a little less silly)

I'm pretty sure it was way more painful to my pride than anything else...I definitely have a "most embarrassing moment" now!
can't really see the gravel indention, but they're there.  I'm pretty white so if you see red that's from the gravel.  I haven't had a scratch on my knees since I was like 12, seriously who trips and falls as an adult?  I even snagged up my pants :(
Look how excited we were on the way down...had we only known what was about to happen.
Ruby thought running down the hill was way more fun than the swings.
look at the tongue...definitely a Horner trait
swinging with daddy

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately.  Thanks anonymous for reminding me of my job duties.  It's really been pretty mellow at the VandenBos home front.  Here is a quick update...

-Ruby is on an awesome schedule now that Christmas is over
-Ruby is obsessed with Shrek, yes Shrek the big ugly ogre.  I've had the movies since they came out and Ruby has discovered them.  She brings the DVD to me and says ""
-I'm pretty sure I read the same 20 books to Ruby every single morning...she likes consistency I guess.  She has well over a hundred books to choose from but the same ones seem to be her favorites.
-Ruby is pretty interested in her potty chair :)  She has to sit on it every time we go into the bathroom.
-Nalia is by far Ruby's favorite little person
-Ruby went into the nursery last Sunday with no tears at all!!!  HOORAY
- Casey works a ton, and when he has days off they seem to consist of the same in the yard, clean my car, sweep the garage, mop the floors.  He really is so helpful!  Oh and he has been going to the snow a bunch too with the boys.
- My life, although I try for it no to be, is consumed with dance.  Let's face it teenage girls are needy.

-I love staying home with Ruby as much as I can, I love volunteering at PAC, and I can't wait for big changes in 2009  

Maybe I'll post some pics later.  I need to take full advantage of nap time...I'm busy super cleaning/organizing my house right now

Monday, January 5, 2009

too big too fast....

there's something about being able to put a little girls hair in a "pony" that makes them look and seem so old.  

Here she is studying in her very own leather chair...she loves sitting in her own chair and reading.  she has been talking ( her own language for the most part) so much lately.