Monday, July 27, 2009

Silver Creek Falls...

Unfortunately Casey had to work on the day we went hiking but Ruby and I still enjoyed herself.  Thankfully my dad packed Ruby around, the hike was way longer than I remembered it being.

Ruby fell asleep mid-hike.
Family shot in front of the fall...notice the huge Finn bump :)
Poor Austin broke his ankle 5 days before they came up to visit.  He insisted on doing the entire hike.  One tough kiddo

Cali cousins....L to R: Justin, Austin, Angel, Krysta, Sharon, and Jeremy
Ruby checking out the beautiful landscape :)


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

jessi your tum is so cute!

lavenda memory said...

Ruby is sooo photogenic! If you are willing to sign a stock release, I'd love to do a shoot of her sometime! Let me know ( :